Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tapia Pisada in Columbia / Pise en Colombie

Bien sur, c'est en francais! C'est d'accord, nous sommes tous bilingues au Canada.

Construction des murs de pise en Barichara, Colombie. Nous n'avons pas besoin d'une brouette!

This project is dedicated to create Artepolis, a convention center and training for art and culture in
Barichara, Colombia,
We are aiming to create a meeting platform for artists. We are hoping to invent, through the arts, new ways of sharing cultures. The artists will work, during their stay, with the locals, colombian artists and the other artists in residence.
The focus is on meeting and sharing European and Colombian cultures.
It is of paramount importance that the workshops should include the locals in order to interact with them.

This will be the best way of sharing cultures and the artists themselves will start a closer relationship with the local culture that will in turn enrich their own work and will allow them to invent new educational methods around it.
 Barichara was declared a National Monument in 1978 because it is a beautiful example of the architecture at the time of conquest. This place is considered the most beautiful village in Colombia, thanks to the craftsmen who worked the stone to build houses and churches.


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