Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Country & Western Rammed Earth in Merritt, B.C.

Here are a few views of Spirit Square in downtown Merritt, British Columbia, Canada's Country Music Capital. Rammed earth, concrete, heavy timber with copper and black steel trim contribute to a look that is both modern and rustic.
Those lamps aren't my favourite, but everyone loves Crystal Gayle, right? Merritt also boasts a "Walk of Stars" which features hand prints and autographs of a few great, and many lesser, country musicians.
The bandshell where all the magic happens. No idea who that cat on the right is.
 I'm getting pretty bored of these Nk'mip-style stripes, but the abundance of curves is nice.
Footing fetishists should note that for the time being, Google street view shows the site early in the construction process.

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John O said...

It looks like Keith Urban! But that can't be right!
Maybe it's Jeff Bridges.