Friday, September 24, 2010

Rammed Earth Ampitheatre at the UBC Botanical Garden

The UBC Botanical Garden opened their lovely rammed earth ampitheatre to the public this spring so it was high time I went to check it out.

The project was planned by Forma Design of North Vancouver and inspired by the Fibonacci numbers.  I didn't really see the resemblance, but it was a very pleasing space nonetheless.

Doesn't it look like Captain Kirk and Spock should be engaging in a little kal-if-fee down there?

The rammed earth walls were a joint construction project between Aquarius Contracting and Clifton Schooley & Associates

I wonder how long it will take for the free lime to leave this wall?

There are more photos of the rammed earth construction process here.

Very subtle colour variation.

I love how it looks when the soil is placed in the form in a wavy pattern.

This rougher texture was the result of experimenting with a sand-blaster.

Isn't it amazing how the finest impressions show up?

I dig these stairs!

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