Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rammed Earth Stoves In Malawi

photos by Tristan and George

These are Further Improved Rammed Earth Stoves or F.I.R.E.S., promoted by the East Africa Trust as a way to improve self-sufficiency and sustainability in Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mozambique and beyond.

The stove is an improvement on an earlier mud design, refined byTristan Cooper MSc., CEO of the East Africa Trust.

Click here for the plans to construct the form-work.

The large tapered piece is the fire box, the smaller piece on the left forms the smoke vent.

Making the forms provides work for local carpenters; making stoves can be a trade for someone otherwise without work.

With this sturdy wooden form, two people can make a stove in under two hours. Being compacted, the earth is unlikely to crack and, being from a form-work, consistent stoves can be made every time.

Removing the firebox form.

There is no cement in the earth mix.

Scraping a recess for cooking pots.

The finished stoves are very popular, making the kitchen virtually smoke-free and so much safer.

There are plans underway to construct a stove-building classroom out of rammed earth as well.

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