Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rammed Earth In Rwanda

Look at these beautiful red walls going up on a project in Rwinkwavu, Rwanda.

Rwink, as it is also known, is home to a hospital run by Partners In Health.

You can follow along with the construction at Red Earth Dreaming.

We'll catch up with them later and ask a few questions once the rush to build has subsided.
Best of Luck!


Chris & Meg Hammock said...

Was this only red clay they were using?

Chris & Meg Hammock said...

Was this done only using red clay??

Hungry said...

It is built with lateritic soil - it is red-ish, but the colour in the photos is exaggerated. there is no cement in the mix, and we were lucky to have a band of suitable soil on the property between 1m-3m depth - too much organics above 1m and too much clay bellow 3m. engineering tests were done with CEBs made from the same soil and they performed better than the fired brick commonly used here.


Hello, I am running a project on unburned bricks in Rwanda. But getting information is quite difficult since I do my studies in Germany. Do you have the results of how good the walls in Rwinkwavu performed? It would be a great pleasure if you can help me to save the Rwanda forest and provide new comfortable living rooms for Rwandans.You reach me on jemu0007@stud.hs-kl.de
Thank you, in Advance