Sunday, March 07, 2010

Popular Science: Rammed Earth Archives

Popular Science has put all their back issues on-line.

Here are the rammed earth articles for your enjoyment:

Mud Is Used To Build Modern Low-Cost Houses
December 1936 page 21

Rammed Earth The Free Material You Pound Into Forms
January 1982 page 114
by Richard Day with photos by Eleanor Beemer and author

Rammed Earth Summit Meeting
by Al Lees July 1982 page 130

He Builds High Tech Houses
December 1982 page 82
by Richard Day with photos by Magnus Berglund.
Rammed Earth Building Comes to the Conference Table
December 1982 page 85

The Other Rammed Earth Man

by Al Lees July 1983 page 150

Dirt Cheap Floor
November 1988 page 76
by David Easton photos by Daniel D. Agostini

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