Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Or You Could Get Your Own Copy

A copy of the venerable USDA Farmers Bulletin No. 1500, that is.
There is a copy on eBay for the next few days.


rockford said...

I lost the bidding, but I found another on Amazon and got it woohoo!

rockford said...

The bulletin can also be downloaded from the UDSA's digital archives. I found it by googleing the phrase "rammed earth walls for buildings USDA". Here is a direct link, be patient it could take a little bit to download.

Jeff said...

This isn't related to this post but I don't know how to contact your e-mail.

Just found a couple of cool designs on youtube you guys might like, sorry I don't know how to link them.

Rammed Earth Blossom House

Rammed Earth Gallery House

Cheers, Jeff