Monday, May 11, 2009

Aaron Hauser's Book Scans and Rammed Earth Baking Studio Project

Aaron Hauser in Tennessee is starting work on his first rammed earth building, a Baking Studio. In order to educate himself on the process he read the following classic out-of-print rammed earth books which he has made available to download from his web page. The numbers in brackets indicate the page count.

Farmers' Bulletin No. 1500: Rammed Earth Walls for Buildings(26)

Booklet issued by the US Department of Agriculture in the 1920s regarding rammed earth construction. It is undetermined how many homes and other structures were constructed pursuant to this Bulletin and how many are utilized today.

S.W. Johnson's Rural Economy: A Treatise on Pise Building(88) pub. 1806

Influenced by the works of Francois Cointeraux, this is the first book published in the United States regarding rammed earth construction, and it is an instructional guide for individuals interested in rammed earth, or pise de terre, construction. Note the dedication to President Thomas Jefferson, a supporter of rammed earth construction who visited Mr. Cointeraux in France prior to becoming President.

Karl Ellington's Modern Pise-Buildings (109)

Not sure why the cover photo isn't showing up, but you can click the link to see the photos.

Three cheers and best of luck to Aaron!