Wednesday, February 04, 2009

UK Rammed Earth Building Course

Rammed Earth Building Course - Norfolk Broads - 2 Days

2 day practical & theory course - Only £99

Yes, you read that right only

This Spring, builder (and inventor of Sid the Soil Sifter) Michael Thompson is giving affordable introductory rammed earth building courses in lovely Norfolk.


Liza Macrae John Corcoran said...

Your blog is great, can't wait to try my hand at rammed earth. There is a inexpensive class, at least for us New Mexicans, at the Adobe Conference in el Rito taught by some traveling rammed earth boys from Portugal. Thanks Liza

Aaron said...

Agreed, your blog is great, and your bibliography section has been very helpful in my research of rammed earth. I am currently working on an unstabilized rammed earth project, my first, in East Tennessee. I have also put up three pretty important works of rammed earth on my site, "Farmers' Bulletin 1500: Rammed Earth Walls for Buildings", S.W. Johnson's "Rural Economy: A Treatise on Pise Building", and Karl Ellington's "Modern Pise-Buildings". They can be downloaded. Thanks for your site! Best regards, Aaron