Friday, June 13, 2008

More Earth Construction In Israel

This one's in Kfar Shmaryahu, outside of Tel Aviv.

The client wanted to use a more sustainable material than concrete and enjoyed the raw material look of rammed earth.
The design is by Elie Mouyal.
The main challenge of this project was designing a house with 45 cm thick walls on a plot of 700 m2 while still being responsive to the client brief.

It took a four-person team three months to ram 160 cubic meters or 355 square meters of wall with one rammer.


MontelloAlpacaCompany said...

I love your blog. I too am passionate about rammed earth. I was wondering what this roof is made of? It looks like tile. Thanks, Geoff &
By the way can I link to your website.

MontelloAlpacaCompany said...

Great Blog!! What is this roof made of in the pictures above? It looks like tile or something?

Rammed Earth said...

I'm not certain but I think they are made of traditional earthen bricks.