Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yes, your house IS making you look fat!

If everyone would just go back to where they came from and FIX IT, everything would be much better.

We used to live in super-sustainable Portland (and the East Village, The Wedge, The Plateau, the Mission, The Drive and other urban success stories) and it became less and less livable the more we read about it in magazines.

So we cashed in our most recently gentrified neighbourhood for an alleged Smart Growth town in Canada's Redneck Wine Country.

You can read about our efforts to build a rammed earth house of our own design on an infill lot in an agricultural town under tremendous development pressure here.

This blog is devoted to our studies of the world's oldest construction method RAMMED EARTH!

Is it for the rich? Is it for the poor? Is it for the few? Is it for the many? It's for EVERYONE!

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