Thursday, February 14, 2008

Reading Round-Up

This will be old news to some, but we now rely on our library for the latest reading materials and there was a bit of a waiting list for Design Like You Give A Damn:Architectural Responses to Humanitarian Crises edited by Architecture for Humanity.

In addition to inspiring information about figures such as the controversial Fred Cuny and Egyptian visionary Hassan Fathy, the book contains two examples of rammed earth, the Mason's Bend Chapel designed and constructed by the late Samuel Mockbee's Rural Studio, of which you've seen a million photos by now

But you should really read it because it is a truly inspiring collection of projects, large and small, designed to make life better for the most of us.
One of the featured projects is the now dismantled Dome Village of Los Angeles which I had opportunity to photograph in 2005.
These domes were homes for 12 years before they were sold on ebay last year.

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