Thursday, December 06, 2007

Nature is incredibly beautiful in Sublette County.

Actually, nature is incredibly beautiful everywhere.

The great thing about studying rammed earth is that it offers a framework to learn about so many other things.

Cults for instance, I've learned a lot about cults. Multi-level marketing, too.

This morning someone in Beaverton, Oregon typed these words in their seach engine:

cost, aluminum, rammed, earth, forms

How much do aluminum rammed earth forms cost? How much does anything made of aluminum really cost?

I took a rammed earth builder's course that was all about aluminum rammed earth forms and here's what I learned:


No-one can, not even those who try to force others to employ their products.

I don't see the amazing patented aluminum forming system in use here despite being informed that the company in question will not support projects that do not follow their standards.

Looks like the "adaptable system" has adapted back into the good old plywood & two-by/waler & strongback system.

I guess those standards are flexible depending on who's doing the building.
Soon a big tent will go up over the construction area to keep heat in. Winter weather will soon be here and the dirt must be kept above freezing temperatures to remain workable.

Eco-building at it's greenest. Is this how they roll in Australia? Bhutan?