Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rammed Earth In TIBET

Shangri La to be precise.

I came across this lovely photo set, taken by Christine Louise Rutherford in July 2007,while searching for rammed earth on Flickr, the image sharing website.

Thanks to Paul Jaquin, Flickr now has a rammed earth group. If you have photos of historic or contemporary rammed earth rammed earth structures, post them there! Sharing is Learning!

The white sprays on the wall are from workers cleaning their brushes.

I wonder if this forming system is patented?

Love those dual headed tampers, I bet the flat side is great for tight spots.
If those timbers impress you, be sure to click on the link.

So, uh, where's the skidsteer?


perspective said...

hey! this is so beautiful! loved it!
and yes i love the flat ended two sided tampers... apparently they work really well... :)

Paul said...

Those pictures are brilliant, well done for finding them!

There isn't a flickr group for rammed earth, so I created one

Hopefully we'll get some amazing pictures of rammed earth from all around the world!