Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rammed Earth In ISRAEL

These fantastic photos come to us from ADAMA Building and Architecture of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Be sure to click on the link to see their projects completed. They are sublime and rightly so, designed as they are by Moroccan architect Elie Mouyal. Readers are encouraged to peruse Mr Mouyal's oeuvre.

We're very interested in the production details here at REi4E; the nuts and bolts, the walers and stongbacks....

Rammed in-situ pre-cast window frames.

So, uh, where's the rebar? Insulation is not necessary in the Mediterranean.

BLOODY KNUCKLES! An occupational hazard. They use the SULLAIR MBT6 rammer weighing in at a hefty 40 LBS delivering 550 BPM with a 10" stroke.

Want to see it in action?

Slip form using 2x6 tongue and groove.

No, seriously, where's the rebar?

4m high? 5?

How is this attached to the supporting walls?

How to get the soil up two floors?

Conveyor Belt!

It certainly looks handy enogh for delivery, though we on upper left side of North America worry that automated placement might lead to a rough, boney surface.
We love our shovels!

Let's see it in action, shall we?

What lovely window and door openings! Where these a challenge to install? Manufactured off-site?

Compression tester!

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