Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rammed Earth In Alabama

These photos were taken by rammed earth builder Thomas Hibben durning the construction of houses in Gardendale, Alabama for the Farm Security Administration.

 The prepared earth is spread in the wall form in layers of three inches in depth.

 After each three-inch layer has been tamped, another layer is spread in the form and work resumed.

 Forms sections should not be larger than can be handled by a crew of three or four men.

 Three-inch layers are tamped in the forms until it is filled.

Bolts are removed.

The bulkheads are firmly braced so as to maintain vertical alignment

 Under tamping, the earth is compressed approximately fifty percent.

The workmen stand in the forms and knead the loose earth with tampers.

 Lots of old timey goodness to be found here. A real time-eater.

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