Friday, October 05, 2007

Domes for Dads

While I grapple with the enormity of the Mouyal Family Oeuvre, here are some photos not entirely related to rammed earth. Witness a dome being constructed for one of ADAMA Building and Architecture's projects in Tel Aviv.

My father is a big fan of the domes of this region, I thought he might be interested to see how they are constructed.

A lost art?

We need to start a brick dome building academy pronto! Oh wait, there already is one! Better yet, instructor Simone Swan was a student of the great Hassan Fathy.

I love these peachy colours!

It's almost like basketweaving or rug braiding.

This is a breathtaking photo.

It almost seems a shame to fill in the centre after seeing the light in that last photo.

How dry is the mortar he's standing on?

Does he get dizzy going in a circle like that?

We'll return with more on this firm.


perspective said...

Hey Kathy..that's truly beautiful no doubt!
the marriage of the RE with the brick domes looks so beautiful...
Horizontal lines of the RE and the small spec like red bricks! aah! Thank you...
I would really like to know more about how the brick lines are introduced into the RE ... or are they at all?

perspective said... this is a link to the training program held in India on domes, vaults and arches :)
Hope it helps!

Priapo said...

estas bovedas de ladrillo es una tecnica que se deve usar mas en cubiertas para casa habitacion ya que es economica y diria que hasta ecologica.