Monday, October 02, 2006

Rammed Earth In Canada

"St. Thomas Church, Shanty Bay, Ontario, constructed 1842. One of the oldest remaining buildings constructed of rammed earth in Ontario."

Where are the rest of the remaining buildings? Who built these structures? Do we have to go all the way to ON-SCARY-O just to find out?


amartin said...

We have a circa 1868 home in greensville, ontario, canada, which is rammed earth with gravel and also having various stones mixed in the center. Very curious. Trying to determine how to maintain it properly. May have a lime stabilizer also, but definetely made in a form and having earth that seems to match our basement. If you have any comments/questions, I've enabled the email notification from this site.

amartin said...

We have a circa 1868 home of rammed earth in greensville, ontario, canada. The earth is consistent with that in our basement, with gravel added as well as various stones in the center and perhaps a lime stabilizer. Definetely constructed in a form in rammed earth style as confimed by a local architecture historian. I should receive an email notification of comments if you have any.

Rammed Earth said...

That sounds very interesting.

Send your email address to (at) as I would be very interested to learn more about your home.