Monday, August 07, 2006

There is No Right Answer!

Here is a fun site.
(It's a photo essay documenting the building of a rammed earth pottery studio)

Which then took me here.
(It's a case study of a energy-efficient cast earth home)

And then holy crap did I go here.
(It's a bunch of photos of a staggeringly beautiful and very energy efficient 3000+ square foot cast earth home made in Austin TX...hopefully this cast earth stuff is for everyone too!)

Which naturally made me want to visit here.
(It's a description of cast earth)

To get back on the rammed earth track, I spent a little time here.
(It's a description of rammed earth)

When I was there, I found this, which then led me here.
(It's Leonard Jones' CV and personal web site)

There are all kinds of people all over the world making rammed earth in all kinds of ways. That is what is so beautiful about it--"there is no right answer!"

T H E R E * I S
* R I G H T
A N S W E R !

Yaaaaay! Yaaaaay!


E V E R Y O N E !


dhollisx said...

Have you had a chance to play with your idea of rammed earth forms made of pallets?
Or do you like David Easton's idea of pipe clamps and plywood?

There's a pretty interesting small home build/design forum on the site. One of the more active posters built a 2500+ sq ft dirt-and-timbers underground home with some rammed earth elements for almost nothing here:

Rammed Earth said...

Have not had a chance to pursue this line of thinking in the third dimension.
Pipe clamps and Plywood work pretty well, but I'm sure there are plenty of other methods out there waiting to be discovered.

Rammed Earth said...

Most of the rammed earth builders seem to come from carpentry and stick framing backgrounds. Once the masons and concrete specialists get in the game we'll see some great leaps forward.