Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What's the News?

In the instance you haven't been reading the Sydney Star Observer, here's a fluffy article about different building styles (including rammed earth.)

* * *

In the instance you haven't been reading www.newbuilder.co.uk, then let me be the first to say look out Nk'Mip, there's a new big walled structure in town.

"The architects’ design includes a circular 200-seat lecture theatre with 7.2m high rammed earth walls – the tallest rammed earth structure in the UK."

* * *

In the instance you haven't been keeping up with the Whole Life Times, then you probably aren't aware that "In 1994, sculptor Christina Bertea and her business partner, Mary B. White, built a 360-square-foot home in Oakland, California as a rental unit on an existing property. “I made a pilgrimage to a forest in Oregon where I promised to do something to promote materials other than wood,” Bertea says. She used a construction technique known as “rammed earth” that incorporates a dirt-like material called “quarry fine” (technically a waste material) to build walls that are immune to rot, fire and pests. Rammed-earth walls provide superior insulation and need no maintenance, which saves money in the long run."

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