Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How's your French?

Looking up Francois Cointeraux (you know, Auteur de 72 fascicules sur la construction en pisé. Ses écrits seront traduits et diffusés dans le monde entier, contribuant à développer la construction en pisé. Il construira plusieurs dizaines de bâtiments en pisé autour de Lyon et à Lyon même) this article appeared.

It's a fine article. Here's a bit of it:

Talking about rammed earth:

The expression “Nothing new under the Sun” is especially suitable in this case. Many archeological findings all over the world are witnessing for this technology -Catal Huyuk in Turkey; Harappa and Johanjo-Daro in Pakistan; Akhlet-Aton in Egypt; Chan-Chan in Peru; Duheros near Cordoba in Spain and many others. At the time of the Roman Empire it was wide-spread around Europe, too. At the end of the XVIIIth century the French builder Francois Cointeraux discovers "pise de terre" at the vicinities of Lion and begins to experiment on his own.

Antonio Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright appreciated rammed earth. Gaudi showed great interest for the popular architecture. In 1884 he used rammed earth (called “tapial” in Spain) for the construction of the pavilions at the entrance to the farm of Eusebio Guell. Frank Lloyd Wright suggests rammed earth for the construction of buildings in his project for Broadacre City.

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