Sunday, June 18, 2006


The Nk'Mip Desert Interpretive Centre is finally open.

Good things come to those who wait.

Without a doubt, it is a magnificent structure in an incredible setting. A fun and educational way for the whole family to learn about Canada's pocket desert.

Yet despite the grandeur of vision (to say nothing of the staggeringly excellent functional performance) of the edifice, I overheard someone describe the facade as "drive by pretty."

Indeed, there's plenty of warts and cold sores all over the wall. Those blemishes could very well be there for the rest of all our natural lives. But maybe not. Regardless, can you imagine being the guy who had to do the "walk through?"

Efflorescence is a tricky thing. How much free lime could be in a 250,000 kg wall? How long will it take to come out?

How did the wall end up two different shades ?

Good design can go a long way to keep unfortunate things from happening.

And when they do a little creativity, flexibility and brute force can usually remedy the situation.

All in all, you gotta give it up for Nk'Mip. It really is quite a thing.

Group hug everyone!


Earth Rammer said...

So true plastic rocks and especially ones that shoot out water are never a good idea.

Any rammed earth , even if imperfect is still 1000 times better than conventional construction.

rinterface said...


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