Sunday, June 18, 2006


"Hey, great blog, very enthusiastic about rammed earth! I've done some Schmidt hammer tests on rammed earth samples, sometimes with quite varying results. I was wondering what sort of reading you got from your rammed earth walls and samples?"

Our footing readg 4400 psi or 30.336939981811625 mpa.

The one rammed earth block of ours that our friend tested read 2100 psi or 14.478994082228276 mpa.

The next time he's in town, we'll have him conduct more tests!

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pauljaquin said...

Hey. Thanks for putting that up, just wondering because I'm interested in the calibration of the schmidt hammers for rammed earth. They are generally set up for stone or concrete, and I think that the strength values for rammed earth interpreted from the schmidt hammer might be different than for concrete. Just trying to get an idea about what sort of values you are getting. Thanks.