Friday, June 16, 2006

Hammer time!

Proctor hammer? (Parachute pants?)

No no no, it's Schmidt hammer time.

Now I don't know if your engineer will sign his name to your 5 story upside-down rammed earth pyramid strictly based on the findings of a Schmidt hammer, but it sure is fun walking around testing various materials with this easy to use tool.

Here one of the professionals from Solum Builders checks the foundation. Later one of the professionals from Solum Builders checked some rammed earth. After that, a rock, a tin can, a grapefruit and my bicep. My bicep was harder than all of them (842 mpa)

Incidentally, the hand compacted rammed earth color samples that you might have seen on this blog tested at 2100 PSI, which when you check your conversion table, you'll see that's about 14.5 MPA--up from the 12 MPA results we got months ago. The stuff gets harder as time goes on. (But then again, what doesn't?)

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pauljaquin said...

Hey, great blog, very enthusiastic about rammed earth! I've done some Schmidt hammer tests on rammed earth samples, sometimes with quite varying results. I was wondering what sort of reading you got from your rammed earth walls and samples?