Monday, May 01, 2006

Site Selection

Site selection is of course a central part of the building process. Choose wisely: once that rammed earth structure is built, there's no moving it.

As groovy as rammed earth is, make no mistake, it too leaves a huge (and messy) footprint where ever it is built. Plants will be killed. Ecologies will be disturbed. Cement (if you are using it) will go into every living pore of every living thing in the immediate vicinity. Petro chemicals will be spilled on the ground. Of that you can be assured.

So site selection is important.

If "wholistic thinking" is part of your personal narrative then why not get the "whole picture" as seen by people *not* of your culture, class and clique?

Feng-Shui continues to amaze and be ignored by all types of people. Is Feng-Shui (and site selection for that matter) simply a process of making a decision based upon feelings and intuition or is there (as in surgery or auto mechanics) something more to that process; an underlying logic and set of laws not immediately available to the neophite?

Says this website:

An Ideal Feng Shui location has a winding inward high mountain (Ying) at the background and a winding inward river (Yang) at the foreground.

Did you know this? Is it true? Are you at all even curious as to the (several thousands of years of) thinking behind this assesment? If Feng-Shui is good enough for Disney, might it be good enough for you?

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