Thursday, April 27, 2006

Grandma Moses

This small block of rammed earth was our first attempt at "figurative" rammed earth artistry.
This was our second.
One day we will travel the world building only fun walls like this.

An oft-heard complaint is that so much of the rammed earth being built is too 'modern' looking, you know, too much Rothko, not enough Grandma Moses.

Though I would argue the opposite is true, there's good news
for hobbit fans and creative anachronists, look here--Rammed earth has enormous artistic potential. Remember those fancy bottles of sand you used to get at the resort town?

Here's the thing: it's the same concept. Bottle=formwork! Rammed earth doesn't tell you what it should look like. You tell rammed earth what it is supposed to look like! Let your freak flag fly and your freak sand flow!

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