Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What We Do

When not grappling with the conceptual disjunct of insurers and lending institutions, we're on the virtual look out for other rammed earth builders. For the next several posts, we shall share said links and hopefully in so doing, make the the following points clear:

1. RAMMED EARTH IS FOR *EVERYONE* (not just the ultra mega rich)

2. THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO FORM A WALL (despite what your ethics professor may tell you)

3. PEOPLE ARE RAMMING EARTH ALL OVER THE WORLD, ALL THE TIME. (belly up to the sneeze guard and take a look)

(Group hug everyone.)

Lets begin!

Beautiful! The South West vernacular and rammed earth go together like soup and sandwich. When you see HUSTON's great work you wonder why anyone would go with that synthetic stucco santa-fake nonsense. Thank goodness firms like Huston are fighting the good fight and getting the job done.

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gspeedlace said...

I like sandwiches!