Thursday, March 16, 2006

Movie Time!

If you like to watch, there's also a quicktime movie on this site

on the making of rammed earth homes.

Oh to live in New Mexico, where rammed earth is in "The Code", they have crazy socialist organizations like The Earth Builders' Guild and there's more than one ONE! one way to span a window.

Check out the section in Gary Wee's website entitled "Architect Package" and revel in the variety of

Lintel Types:
1. Bondbeam (Can be concrete or wood) Note A: This is the actual bond beam that is on top of the rammed earth

2. Wood beams (heavy timber) Southwest Style

3. Decorative concrete (Cast stone texture)

4. Steel

5. No Lintel

with photographic examples and in some cases, STAMPED ENGINEERED DRAWINGS and CALCULATIONS!

Print 'em out, share them with your engineer friends.

Bravo Gary Wee! I salute you!

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