Wednesday, March 15, 2006

If You're Ever Down In Texas

Texas Toast, Texas Tea, and now Texas Rammed Earth!

Texas means BIG.

Texas means "can do"--more specifically "you can do." And you can do it yourself!

Here's a great web site from the Lone Star State.

We are Bill & Stephen Betzen, a father and son team who started the planning process in 2004 to build a rammed earth home in Dallas, Texas by 2009. We are on schedule. We want to share research we have done and make connections with similarly interested Do It Yourself (DIY) people also interested in rammed earth construction and benefits.

Did you catch that: they are on schedule *and* they want to share research and make connections with the similarly interested. Guess what else--they are building 2 (two) stories! TEXAS SIZED!

It would appear that they went to a RAMMED EARTH TRAINING COURSE with Quentin Branch. Mr. Branch's site can be viewed here.

Mr. Branch charges $375 for his course. No, not $6000, but $375. He appears to be teaching a course September 30th through October 2nd.

A rammed earth course for $375 in a dry climate during the month of September. Hmmm.

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