Thursday, March 16, 2006

Double Feature, Pass the Popcorn!

Some of us learn best by watching. Some of us learn best by reading. Some of us learn best in a cold tent in the rain at a overpriced, poorly planned, chaotic info-mercial/workshop happening months after the promised date where only a fraction of what was advertised is actually delivered.

If you're the type who learns best by watching, there's this:

Rammed Earth Construction

Beautiful examples of rammed earth construction.

29 minutes
Grade Level: 9-12, Adult
US Release Date: 1987
Copyright Date: 1985
ISBN: 1-56029-019-6

Produced by Hans-Ernst Weitzel

Here's the web site.

PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE! The information is out there, and it's there at a price point you can afford!

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