Saturday, February 04, 2006

Eternal Present

Oh the 'eternal present.' Indeed, a long talk for another time. In short, a sense of 'eternal present'--that our rammed earthen turds are the first to hit your consumer carpet, and as such, deserve undivided attention and unending praise (or applause)--suits the low-life hustler well.

If you didn't know that for several hundred years rammed earth houses were built with no cement and with so called "agricultural formwork", you'd have no trouble believing that rammed earth can only be made with a proprietary forming system (tm) and 10% cement--the same way many of us still believe they count those silly votes we so proudly cast, and that war is the way to lasting peace and global stability.

With that, we again find ourselves at the feet of the Millers as well as a few others in this installment of the secondary bibliography

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And with that, we end the "secondary bibliography." But fear not--in the unlikely event you haven't gotten around to getting your copy of the Bibliography on Earth Construction from the Housing and Urban Development Library (you are interested in rammed earth building, are you not?) I will be posting those entries that are germane to our pursuit.

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