Monday, January 16, 2006


R is for, uh, um, uh...

Rammed Earth, Special Issue, Housing and Town and Country Planning Bulletin No. 4,
United Nations, New York, p.5, October 1950. Articles:
1. "Rammed Earth Technique in France," A. Marini.
2. "Rammed Earth Technique in the United States," L. W. Neubauer.
3. "Rammed Earth Technique in West Africa," A. E. S. Alcock.
4. "Training course for Building Rammed Earth Houses in Nyasaland," P. Williams

"Rammed Earth Building Improved in Australia," American Builder, p. 182, May, 1950

"Rammed Earth Construction--Supplementary Information," Consumers Research, Inc., 1940

"Rammed Earth for Farm Building Walls," Agricultural Engineering, January, 1934.

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Results on Experiments on Stabilizing Soil That Is to Be Used as a Building Material in Iran. Ideas and Methods Exchange No. 51, International Housing Activities Staff, U. S. Housing and Home Finance Agency, p. 6, September, 1958.

Rosenak, S., "The Use of Soil-Cement for Low Cost Housing in the Tropics," Civil Engineering and Public Works Review, Vol. 52, October, 1957

Hey gang, here's a question: When do you think the U. S. Housing and Home Finance Agency will fund their next study on Stabilized Soil building in Iran?


Varun Thautam said...

Are these sources anywhere online?

Rammed Earth said...

These bulletins are probably mouldering away in a library basement in Washington, D.C. If only there were some intrepid grad student with the fervor to track them down and scan them...