Monday, January 16, 2006

R is for Wilhelm Reich!

In his book Ether, God and Devil/Cosmic Superimposition Wilhelm Reich (among so very many other great things) had this to say:

About thirty years ago, when orgonomic functionalism began to ask the first naive questions about human life, no one guessed that the issue of "what is life?" was being raised. The questions were simple and logical, and the answers where sharp and offensive to the world of the static and the absolute. Let us compile some of these naive questions:

(at which point Reich goes through the list. Here are just a few)

Why is it so hard for truth to assert itself against lies and defamation? Why is it not the other way around, that lies have to assert themselves against the truth?

Why does man hate every new, correct thought? Surely his life would be better, and not worse, if he thought correctly. Does man think at all? Or is correct thinking a special talent?

How is it possible that millions of industrious people can be oppressed by a handful of rulers?

Why does the average person evade serious questions that go to the heart of the matter?

(Reich makes this final observation)

The reader who has honestly thought about human life will now better understand why the true scholar and artistic creator is always outside the familiar. Not because he wants it that way, but because he must be outside if he is to accomplish anything, if he wants to avoid falling into the trap of the large errors of thinking.

Does this have anything to do with rammed earth or housing? I didn't think so.

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