Monday, January 09, 2006

Now Hold On Just One Minute!

Canada. Oh Canada!

I ask you. Who is making rammed earth on Canada? Is there anyone? Is there only one?

Without really trying, I found myself reading the sage words of Owen A. Rose. (hey, is that 4" rigid insulation inside that wall there on page three?)

Who is this Owen A. Rose you ask?

I asked the same question. He seems to go to McGill and he seems to be rich in sage words.

Looking a little further, I saw this interesting bibliography.

But who is he? In word, he seems like someone worth knowing. (Though we should all know by now cheap talk is, and how expensive rammed earth can be.)

Ladies and gentlemen, Owen A. Rose!

I am interested in how to express architecture in tactile human terms. It seems quite simple, but I would argue that the "efficiencies" of globalizationon have not brought us healthy architecture in which to live and work. My goal is to reinvigorate our sense of dwelling. I am fascinated by textures, sun shadows, graceful aging of materials, human scale, and ideally designs that feel as if they were the obvious and natural choice for a particular site. It is as much about learning how to live well as it is about creating living places. Of course these are lofty ideals, but I will argue that thesis is about "raising consciousness" and learning what more we can see, express, and do.

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