Monday, January 30, 2006


No no, not Heckler and Koch silly, the letters 'H' and 'K' are next in our "secondary bibliography."

"Houses Built of Earth," Architectural Record, Vol. 80, p. 323, October 4, 1936.

"Houses Built of Rammed Earth," Literary Digest, Vol. 65, p. 21, April 24, 1920.

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* * *

WOMAN'S HOME COMPANION. Isn't that a magazine for WOMEN? (Hey, if women can do this work, how hard can it be, right?)

From this, two models emerge.

One model finds a group of construction Huns, filthy and accesorized beyond recognition. Eating Timbits and guzzling "coffee" by the quart (despite warnings from their personal naturopath) they dream of the day when they are the Kenneth Lay of their own regional rammed earth monopolies--finally able to let jobs run over time and well over budget with that all too familiar narcisism and caprice that somehow has become an i-n-t-e-g-r-a-l (not intrical, dummy) part of the building experience.

The other model finds a group of ladies armed with copies of Women's Home Companion. After thanking their God that The War is over (for the time being at least) they organize, co-operate and together plan a sensible path towards affordable, long lasting, environmentally sensible homes that can be passed on to future generations next 500 years.

Which model for earth building most closely resembles your "core values"?