Friday, January 06, 2006

G! H!

Glenn, H. E. Rammed Earth Building Construction.
Clemson College. Engineering Experiment Station Bulletin No. 3. 1945

Housing Bulletin No. 2 of the Albert Farwell Bemis Foundation Massachusettes Institute of Technology. Cambridge Mass., including:
1. "Solidification of Soil by Means of Chemicals." Supervisor, Professor T. William Lambe
2. "Stabilization of Soils with Calcium Acrylate." Reprint from Journal of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 38, No. 2. April, 1951
3. "The Stabilization of Soils by In-Situ Polymerization," Presented before the American Society of Civil Engineers in New York, October 26, 1951

Hutchenson, N. B., and Ball, W. H., "Thermal Conductivity of Rammed Earth,"
Report of Housing Research Committee, College of Engineering,
University of Saskatchewan, Canada (duplicated document), date unknown.

(I bet they could answer once and for all how rammed earth performes in cold climates)

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