Tuesday, January 03, 2006

For Whom is Rammed Earth?

Rammed Earth is for Everyone!


Even the poor and those living and working in the agricultural sector of the economy! Can you believe it? Pfft you say?

Here are some interesting Bibliographic entries. They were found in a book in a library. Libraries are really something, eh? It's like the internet without surveillance or electricity. Crazy, I know!

Some of these titles suggest that not only is rammed earth for everyone, but has been around for a long time--before the lozenge shape had emerged as the principal design feature/mandate of the day. Can you even imagine life before the lozenge? What's next, composting human waste?

Stay tuned for the "C" entries!

Batts, M.C. and Miller, T.A.H.
Rammed Earth Walls for Buildings.
Farmers Bulletin No. 1500,
U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1937.

Biggs, Charles and Causing, Humbert.
"The Application of Soil Stabilization to Low-Cost Housing."
M.S. Thesis in Engineering,
Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
133 pages, date unknown.

Burkhart, Edsel J.
Investigation of Soils and Building Techniques for Rammed Earth Construction
A. & M. College of Texas
Engineering Experiment Station Research report No. 6, 1949.

Burma Mission's Experience with Stabilized Earth Block
Ideas and Methods Exchange No. 19
International Housing Activities Staff, U. S. Housing and Home Finance Agency
Washington 25, D. C., October 1954

Burrows, Blair Action.
Building with Mud, Rammed Earth or Pise de Terre.
Ontario Department of Lands and Forests
Toronto Canada, 46 pages, n.d.

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