Monday, January 09, 2006

English 102

Our beloved rammed earth really is virtually everywhere. Indeed, there are really people all over the world who can speak with eloquence and confidence about what it can and cannot do. What with our modern information-oriented society, you have to really work hard not to hear the rammed earth gosple.

Here is a link to a "traditional research paper" about rammed earth.

And here is the author's abstract. (Anyone out there aware of the television shows mentioned below?)

My research paper, Rammed Earth Construction, is written in standard form.

I saw and video taped two Television shows (Beyond 2000 and A House For All Seasons) about rammed earth housing. This started me wondering about rammed earth construction. David Copperfield (a magician) on his television special, prior to transporting himself through The Great Wall of China , stated the Wall was the only man-made structure, on Earth, that can be seen with the naked eye from the moon. I filed this information in the back of my mind, and I was delighted when I found out portions of the Wall were made out of rammed earth.

In this paper I intend to show what rammed earth is, by going into the history, advantages, disadvantages, and the acceptance of rammed earth construction. I felt the above should be stated to give the reader a background in rammed earth construction, so that my thesis, "Why then, if rammed earth construction is so strong and so time-honored, hasn't this building method caught on in the United States?", would made sense. I have explained the situation and have speculated as to why rammed earth construction hasn't caught on in the United States.

In today's world of homeless people and ecological problems rammed earth can help, if it's not ignored.

—Robert O. Cassell, English 102, Spring 1993

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