Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ecological Atrocities And "Embeds"

In the course of doing all your color sample blocks (which is easy to do--one need not go to school for that activity) you will invariably have additional leftover material. At some job sites, contractors will simply make a gigantic wasteful pile of the leftover non-compacted soil-cement mix.

Surprising? Horrifying? Yes and Yes. (Even more horrible is the notion that some rammed earth contractors would be so cavalier and priggish to burn the formwork once the job is done, but that is too gross to even contemplate at this juncture.)

Why not put what ever leftover material to good use?

Here is a "fun box" of left over soil. Fun! Use your imagination! If you were mixing several yards at a time and had an extra yard of waste at every turn, certianly one could make a delightful retaining wall, pillar, steppingstone--your imagination and your avarice are the only constraints!

And what's that in the middle? Why that's a piece of Fluorite that was put in the form and rammed into the block. No it's not hard--I'm living proof that any moron can do it.

What do you mean your rammed earth professional wants to charge you extra for each embed? What kind of crap is that? (Alas, I think we all know exactly what kind of crap it is.)

Nevertheless, embeds are easy easy easy and fun fun fun! Here's what I did. Pay attention:

Put thing to "embed" up against the form, ram soil mixture against and around. Repeat.

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