Thursday, January 05, 2006

E is for Everybody Can Educate Themselves!

The hits just keep on coming! And for FREE!

Did all this information get thrown into the vinyl smelter back in the 60's? Was it all being kept in the basement of the World Trade Towers? Certainly it must exist somewhere!

Earth for Homes. Ideas and Methods Exchange No. 22,
International Housing Activities Staff, U. S. Housing and Home Finance Agency,
Washington 25, D.C., March 1955

Earth Manual--A Manual on the Use of Earth Materials for Foundation and Construction Purposes
U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado, 1951. 332 pages

"Earth Wall Construction,"
Part I "Choice of Soil and Methods of Construction." No. SB 13, undated.
Part II "Rammed Earth" No. SB 18, June 1951.
Part III "Adobe Blocks (Puddled Earth)," No. SB 20, Undated.
Part IV "Stabilized Earth" No. SB 22, March 1952.
All 4 publications are Notes on the Science of Building.
Chatswood, N. S. W., Australia: Commonwealth Experimental Building Station
Department of Works and Housing

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