Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Brought To You by the Letter C (Cheap) and D (Durable)

A Cheap Hard Floor of Earth Stabilized with Portland Cement
Ideas and Methods Exchange No. 1,
International Housing Activities Staff, U. S. Housing and Home Finance Agency
Washington 25, D. C., November, 1952

Cytryn, S.
Soil Construction, Its Principles and Application for Housing
Ministry of Labor, Housing Division.
State of Israel, December 1956, 183 pages

Davidson, D. T., and Ewing, C. B., Jr.
Application of Cement Stabilized Soil to One Story Building Construction
Iowa State Collete: Department of Civil Engineering.
Engineering Division, 1957. 66 pages.

Delong, H. H.
Rammed Earth Walls.
South Dakota State College, Agricultural Experiment Station Circular 149,
April, 1959. 20 pages

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